Transitioning into the cold may be rough for, but it's also an opportunity to revamp your wardrobe! Looking for some style inspiration this season? Storganize reached out to a few of AU's own to explore their fall and winter favourites.

Pro Tip: Create space for the big coats in your closet by storing away your summer wardrobe!


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	{mso-style-name:"Table Normal";
	mso-padding-alt:0cm 5.4pt 0cm 5.4pt;
	mso-ansi-language:EN-US;}   " Denim on Denim on Denim.  Nothing quite screams west coast like denim. Many shy away from the denim suit, but it should be embraced. Denim never goes out of style. It’s a classic. Pair your denim suit with an embroidered blouse and booties to give it a fall vibe."

"Denim on Denim on Denim. Nothing quite screams west coast like denim. Many shy away from the denim suit, but it should be embraced. Denim never goes out of style. It’s a classic. Pair your denim suit with an embroidered blouse and booties to give it a fall vibe."

 "Beach Chic is what I like to call it. Casual enough to wear in a beach town, yet trendy enough to wear to a quick lunch in LA." 

 "Beach Chic is what I like to call it. Casual enough to wear in a beach town, yet trendy enough to wear to a quick lunch in LA." 

BECCA HIGHLIGHT, CHAMPAGNE POP: “A little swipe of champagne pop and you’re a glowing goddess even in the fall."

ELIZABETH AND JAMES, NIRVANA WHITE: "Some search a lifetime for their soul scent. Though I typically do not divulge this information, my signature scent is Nirvana White by Elizabeth and James. Perfect for day or night."

MAC, VIVA GLAM IV:  "Lots of people assume that fall means you have to bring out deep reds and browns but that could not be further from the truth. Neutrals work year round. This lipstick gives your lips a natural color and plump look that is perfect if you are trying to emulate the no-makeup makeup trend."

TOO FACED, NATURAL EYES & URBAN DECAY, NAKED 2: "My two favorite eye shadow palates are natural eyes by two faced and the naked 2 by Urban Decay. Natural Eyes gives you every shade of brown you could ever want ranging with options for every occasion. Naked Eyes has great base colors and also a great grey combo to build a base for a smoky eye."

MARBLE COASTERS: "Marble is the key to any room décor. These marble coasters spice up my white living room table."

VOLUSPA CANDLES: If it smells like fall then it is fall, right? The Voluspa candles have quickly become a favorite of mine. This candle is accessorized by a vintage match jar.


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	mso-ansi-language:EN-US;}   "This fall, pair any turtleneck with a leather jacket. This is my favorite look because it is so simple and works every time. This look is super versatile. "

"This fall, pair any turtleneck with a leather jacket. This is my favorite look because it is so simple and works every time. This look is super versatile. "


These are items I never leave the house without - my favorite watch, Carmex to guard against dry lips, a pen because I believe in always being prepared, my favorite cologne, my wallet, and my keys.

These are items I never leave the house without - my favorite watch, Carmex to guard against dry lips, a pen because I believe in always being prepared, my favorite cologne, my wallet, and my keys.

Jacket:  Tommy Hilfiger , Sweater:  Tommy Hilfiger , Shirt:  Banana Republic , Shoes:  Aldo  

Jacket: Tommy Hilfiger, Sweater: Tommy Hilfiger, Shirt: Banana Republic, Shoes: Aldo  

What is a trend you like/dislike? 

Clement: What I wear is based on what i like and what makes me feel comfortable and confident, one trend I don't like are skinny ties or very bright colours.

What are your go to colors?

Clement: Very flexible colors like blue, gray, green, purple, burgundy

If you had to give advice to someone who knew nothing about how to dress what would it be?

Clement: My advice would be find individuals that dress in a way that YOU appreciate, not society, and get ideas from them. Choose colors and clothes that compliment and enhance your natural beauty!


"I chose these items because they are my go to's for everyday. I really like dark colors so most of my clothes and the accessories are follow the same colour scheme. I love jewellery and especially in the color gold."

"I chose these items because they are my go to's for everyday. I really like dark colors so most of my clothes and the accessories are follow the same colour scheme. I love jewellery and especially in the color gold."

I would describe my style as pretty unique. Even though I try and see whats "in" in the moment, I mostly just wear whatever I feel like. I really love dark colors even though I have a variation in my closet since I come from the Carribean. My style is either very colorful or dark/simple colors. I can go either way depending on my mood, but its mostly black and dark colors. Im trying to have more colors now since its fall so I'm trying to get with the season.

I would describe my style as pretty unique. Even though I try and see whats "in" in the moment, I mostly just wear whatever I feel like. I really love dark colors even though I have a variation in my closet since I come from the Carribean. My style is either very colorful or dark/simple colors. I can go either way depending on my mood, but its mostly black and dark colors. Im trying to have more colors now since its fall so I'm trying to get with the season.

THIERRY MUGLER, ALIEN: "Contains notes of  jasmine sambac, cardamom, orange blossom, cumin, cashmeran, amber and heliotrope."

MICHEAL KORS, GOLD TONE BRADSHAW WATCH: "I love gold accents so this watch makes the perfect accessory! I find that watches also tend to add a touch of sophistication."

URBAN OUTFITTERS, ALIX OPAL CHOKER & SNAKE CHAIN WRAP CHOKER NECKLACE"Accessories have the power to elevate the simplest of ensembles. I love the way chokers add a little something more to each outfit!"

RAY BAN, GATSBY II SUNGLASSES: "I love the fit of these sunglasses, the shape is classic and the gold metal makes them standout."



"I wear a lot of monochromatic shades, I think that is perfect for the winter season. My go-to winter essential is an oversized scarf. Scarves can definitely spice up an outfit and just makes you look like you put effort into it. Not only will it keep you warm, it also makes you look chic. What more can you ask?"

"I wear a lot of monochromatic shades, I think that is perfect for the winter season. My go-to winter essential is an oversized scarf. Scarves can definitely spice up an outfit and just makes you look like you put effort into it. Not only will it keep you warm, it also makes you look chic. What more can you ask?"

RIFLE PAPER CO. PLANNER: "Winter usually means that the New Year is right around the corner so a planner is a must to own the next year. I usually look for a planner that is not only helpful but is aesthetically pleasing as well."

PERFUME (CHLOE & CHANEL): "I think everyone should wear perfume. I tend to splurge on fragrances because I believe smelling good is a great first impression and why not impress someone with a lil Chanel."

DIPTYQUE'S BAIES CANDLE: "I am an avid candle collector. My go-to brands are Diptyque’s Baies or Jo Malone’s Wild Fig & Cassis. I think candles are such a luxury and just adds that oomph to your day." 

LIPS (ANASTASIA, STILA, TARTE, NARS): "I always go for the same natural look with the same lip colour which is why I have tons of the same shade. My favorite lipstick colours range from mauves to deep pinks/browns. My absolute favorite is Anatasia’s Liquid lipstick in Ashton." 

BRACELET: This is my favorite bracelet I owned. My family is half Egyptian so I grew up around the evil eye a lot and have grew to love the meaning behind it. My mom is an avid collector of the evil eye and whenever I wear this bracelet it reminds me of her. 



Let's Get Involved With American University


American University is back in full force. If between the midterms and the bajillion essays due, your plate doesn't feel full enough and you're yearning to know more about what AU has to offer, Storganize has your back! We present to you some really cool organizations on campus you should know about and can get involved with!


The Student Advocacy Center is a student-run organization that exists to defend students and organizations accused of conduct violations. With a team of over 20 trained advocates, SAC walk students through every step of the process, supporting them and providing them with the best defense possible. As a department within Student Government they also work on policy initiatives, specifically by drafting proposals to alter AU’s conduct code. 



Office: located on the second floor of MGC (MGC 270A.)

Will Mascaro, Director of SAC

Will Mascaro, Director of SAC


Top Left:  Deep Dhaliwal, Top Right: Melissa Patton, Bottom Left: Kendall Baron, Bottom Right: Anying Guo

Top Left:  Deep Dhaliwal, Top Right: Melissa Patton, Bottom Left: Kendall Baron, Bottom Right: Anying Guo

American University Student Government's Women's Initiative is a student run, non-partisan organization whose goal is to advocate for the rights, issues, and concerns of all women at American University. American University Student Government's Women's Initiative also hold programming events throughout the year in order to raise campus awareness of women's empowerment, rights, and concerns.

Women's Initiative holds a variety of events including: Take Back the Night, an annual campus march and reclamation of space for survivors of sexual violence, Vagina Monologues and hosts Women's History Month speakers.

To stay updated with what Women's Initiative has to offer like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram and Twitter 

You can email Women's Initiative for more information at

March for Take Back The Night

March for Take Back The Night

Kendall Baron, Director of WI

Kendall Baron, Director of WI

I’m the director of WI, which means I work with student government, other on campus organizations, and people in the DC community to advocate for WI and women’s issues as a whole. There’s always something to learn, and I always meet such powerful, inspiring, women at events. It’s definitely a lot of fun and really empowering.
— Kendall Baron


Steven Baboun: Social Media manager, Shannon Keene: Community Manager, Hanna Lundgren: Editorial Director

Steven Baboun: Social Media manager, Shannon Keene: Community Manager, Hanna Lundgren: Editorial Director


Spoon AU is a student run food publication (think Food Network but edgier). They offer simple recipes, food hacks and knowledge about the best restaurants around campus with articles specifically catered towards the college student. As the only food organization on campus, Spoon AU’s mission is to provide an outlet for students to express their love for food. They hope to bring people together to talk about anything food-related from advice on best 2 AM food binges to the social implications of all things culinary. Spoon AU also provides a platform for people who are talented and enjoy writing, taking photos and videos. 

Contact Information:



Like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram and Twitter!


The AU Anime Society is a group of students who have an interest in both Japanese anime and Japanese culture. The Society is a very open and welcoming community, and a great way to meet new people with similar interests to discuss anime or to simply even hangout. The Anime Society is always open to new members and those who may want to contribute with suggestions of new productions to watch and experience. They often go for conventions and movies related to anime together. The wide range of anime--from darker stories to light hearted comedies--has something to offer every member of the Anime Society.


The Anime Society holds weekly meetings every Friday 9 pm on the 2nd floor of MGC that may or may not be attended by their 'mascot', a member's service dog Ollie.

Secretary: Eric J Bessette, President: Jonathan L Silverman

Secretary: Eric J Bessette, President: Jonathan L Silverman

Contact Information


Like them on Facebook and follow them Twitter!


AU Beekeeping Society's primary operation is the cultivation of strong bee hives on campus. Bees are a pillar species and we have to do all we can to keep them strong. The Beekeeping Society holds educational programs for those who want to learn how to keep bees and for those who just want to learn more about bees!

As a representative and as president of the AU Beekeeping Society my job is to foster understanding and curiosity for the bees. If someone wants to get involved or learn more they can like our facebook page, AU Beekeeping Society, and message us. We also have meetings twice a month that anyone can hop in on.
— Jacqueline Bennett


Jacqueline Bennett, President of the AU Beekeeping Society

Jacqueline Bennett, President of the AU Beekeeping Society


Contact Information:


Follow the Beekeeping Society on Facebook


Adam Nolan Menendez, Adele Ackert, Mel Keller, Jake Stone

Adam Nolan Menendez, Adele Ackert, Mel Keller, Jake Stone


Contact Information:

If you are interested in learning more, feel free to like them on FacebookTwitter and sign up for their listserv. The general email is, and from there they would be happy to give you information on specific community involvement, joining the listserv, or suggesting ideas for upcoming events.



Queers and Allies is the most prominent LGBTQ student group on campus. Their goals for the year are twofold: create spaces where queer students on campus can be themselves and meet other queer students in a safe and inviting environment, and planning events to educate both allies and fellow LGBTQ students on issues of intersectionality that are important to better understanding the community as a whole. They believe that the “allies” in Queers and Allies are not only our straight and cisgender allies, but that we must be allies to each other within the queer community.

Queers and Allies, for them, centers around the idea of queer family, attempting to ensure that every member of the LGBTQ+ AU community feels warm and welcome here. They seek to educate the community to ensure that everyone can love, tolerate and appreciate the differences between us, from gender identity to sexual orientation to race and to class.


Noa Leibowitz, President of AU Rad Queers  

Noa Leibowitz, President of AU Rad Queers  

AU Rad Queers is a radical, intersectional, queer and trans activist group advocating for the rights and safety of queer and trans students at American University. We firmly believe that the AU administration only values the presence of queer and trans students when it can be conveniently exploited to pinkwash the countless forms of institutional oppression that the administration actively perpetuates and condones, and to spread the false narrative that AU is a safe and accepting community for queer and trans students. Conceived on April 21st, 2016, in the aftermath of the #SayNoToMilo protest, AU Rad Queers is committed to fighting back against the marginalization of queer and trans students at the hands of the administration and the campus community as a whole.
— Noa Leibowitz

"Our mission for the Fall 2016 semester is to advocate for safer, more accessible, and drastically improved on-campus mental health services, as queer and trans students are statistically in much greater need of reliable mental health services."

Contact Information:


Follow AU Rad Queers on Facebook

Sign up to be a part of the committee here!



The temperatures are rising and things are about to finally get hot in the District 🔥🔥🔥

It's time to store away your coats and sweaters and make space for summer essentials 2016 👙 👒 👕 🕶

To help you survive the summer in fashion here are a few of AU's own and their essentials or favourites for the season.


Laid Back Sexy





"I use this for a more natural and matte look"


"I love this scent because of how strong it is without being overwhelming."


"You should always be prepared for summer with condoms, I personally like brightly coloured Durex condoms for the season."


"Music is arguably one of the most important part of summer and you gotta have high quality speakers to play good music"


George's Recommended Summer Jam:

I spend most of my time by the water, so the colour kind of grew on me
— George Khnouf on why he owns so many blue shirts




I have lots of thoughts on what guys should be doing this summer


"A subtle colour with a nice fabric is going to be so cool for the summer.

People are trying to show these big trousers and wide pants on men, I still like a fitted pant and they look great with loafers."


"I wore them last summer, I’ll still wear them this summer. You can get them in many different colours. I just think that the safari, tan colour is really cool"


"I think floral print is really stupid unless it's the summer.

I don't like a lot of floral print, wearing a print shirt is personally too much for me. However, I think every man should own a navy blue crisp suit that he can wear any time of the year. That floral tie with the navy blue suit peeerfect for the summer"



"In the summer you should take that time to do something for yourself and I think every guy could use a nice relaxing bath. There's no better way to enjoy a bath than with a bath bomb!"


"Per ussh (usual) this summer is going to be about nice white wines. The Yellow Tail Moscato is nothing near a nice white wine, but the point is guys should know something about wine heading towards summer. No matter who you’re trying to impress, whether it’s a love interest or a group of friends knowing your wine means something."

"So if you're an idiot and order a deep red, like a merlot or something you're going to sound stupid.

Don't only dress to impress, but also order to impress.


"If I had to recommend a bracelet it would be knit, a few strings around your wrist or something leather would be cool, like brown or black leather would be cool even for a summer wrist piece"

"I have a friend who owns a clothing company called J.Riley and they make cool knitted bracelets with an anchor on them which is perfect for the summer!"


"I added a flip flop, but it’s not just any flip flop. People can do flip flops so badly and it can look so f*** tacky. Shoes matter, you can't complete your outfit and think that what ever shoes you have aren't going to matter. Your shoes should tie the outfit together.

I bought these from Boca Grande, Florida. The cross strap is knit which is really cool and adds extra dimension so you have something to wear besides Sperry's."

If you can avoid wearing Sperry’s every f****** day of the summer, avoid wearing Sperry’s. Do better for yourself.
— Will Mascaro's Big 101 Tip


"I have hair that tends to just flop over, but my hair right now is defying gravity and thats because of this product.

I've had bad experiences with chemical based hair products in the past, they either make my hair dry, greasy or fall out. There's always a lot going on, so I use Dirty by Lush. It's all organic and non-chemical based, using a little bit of it beefs up your hair and adds volume."




Will's take on the popular American Crew styling products

"I don't like it, my past experience with brand based products like Crew is that they’re very waxy and very thick so even if I wasnt concerened about the chemicals, I dont like how it makes my hair feel hard."


Easy Breezy

"The top is super tight and simple so I chose this floral skirt to make the outfit stand out. I love wearing skirts because i don’t feel constrained like I do in pants."

Top: Free People

Bottom: Lucca

"I was inspired to get this top and ripped shorts because of my love of Coachella!! Super fun outfit that won’t give you awkward tan lines where you out all day in the hot sun.

Top: Urban Outfitters

Bottom: Urban Outfitters



Eye shadow: Naked smokey eye pallet
Mascara: Bobby Brown
Eye Liner: Tarte
Nail Polish: Forever Yummy eesie


Makeup Geek 



"I’m oily so using a primer in the hot humid summer months really helps my makeup stay on. I use a pore filling primer in my T zone to help me mattify and shrink the appearance large pores. If you’re dry I would recommend using a hydrating primer such as the Too Faced - Hangover Rx."


"Summer is all about less is more, I don’t like wearing heavy makeup in the heat. I love powder foundation - it barely feels like theres anything on your skin! My favourite one is the bare minerals original foundation because it still has good medium coverage to cover imperfections. It has a dewy natural finish with SPF 15 to protect you from the sun" 


"I love being bronze all year around but theres no such thing as being too bronzed over the Summer. My favourite way to get a bronzed look is to apply a cream bronzer (SOLEIL TAN DE CHANEL BRONZING MAKEUP BASE) and then apply an either Matte Bronzer for a sculpted contour look such as the Too Faced Soleil matte bronzer OR a NARS laguna bronzing powder with a shimmer finish to get a sun kissed healthy looking glow."


"I think blush is so cute in the summer months. it makes you look more tan. I recommend investing in a blush palette- TARTE has some of the greatest blushes with high pigmentation. I love a pinky-peach blush for the summer to get that radiant glow"


"This year has all been about getting that glow. I think the prettiest look is being super bronze and glowy. To get the max glow I like to put a liquid or cream highlight like the Loreal True Match Lumi Liquid Glow and layer it with a powdered highlight like the Glow Kits from Anastasia of Beverly hills."


"Being super flashy is a fun way to look flirty and fun over the carefree summer. I love Benefit Roller Lash to get super long and curled lashes and the Better than Sex for a really volumized lash - or be like me and be super extra and layer them both!"



lip stains and lip gloss are super fun way to add in some extra colour!



"THIS STEP IS SO IMPORTANT TO ALL LADIES AND GENTS! the best way to make sure your makeup stays on all day is to use a setting spray. It keeps your makeup in place all day and sets your face so you don’t look powdery. I love Mario Badescu the aloe and rosewater refresh your face and smells so good."



“I like patterned chubbies because they’re sort of flamboyant for my personal taste, as far as what I would wear every day but in the summer I like to be relaxed and I like my wardrobe to reflect that, so they are my wild card shorts as I usually have solid neutral or pastel flat fronts from day to day”


“A day on the beach in the En Fuegos is well accompanied by a double tequila.”


"Summer isn't always 100% relaxation. When things turn formal I like my bright blue ties which complement my eyes. Neck or bow really just depends on my mood."


"The half rim wayfarers are a simple choice but I usually go with silver aviators because they give me a sense of disassociation from my surroundings... "


"I alternate between crews depending on humidity, for high humidity I use the forming cream because it has a higher hold and it keeps my hair looking extra matte despite the moisture"


"Well, needless to say, as zippo always comes in handy"

The Horrors of Storage

I've interviewed everyone from freshmen to seniors, from students born halfway across the world to those who grew up with AU in their backyard and those who live on North side, South side and off campus to bring you the worst moving experiences AU students have experienced and let you know how you can avoid having similar experiences of your own. 


1. Who needs a dresser anyway?

I interviewed an international student Hong Kong, a current sophomore who's decided to move off campus to live in the Berkshire apartments for her second year of school. At the end of her freshman year, her father flew down to DC to help her pack up and purchase furniture she would need for her apartment in the Berks in the fall. They decided to store the new furniture until she returned in July to move in.

when she flew back in July and went with her friend went to pick up all of her stuff from the storage unit, key items were nowhere to be found. Namely, her dresser and bed frame. When she inquired about the items with the manager, he said that she must be confused because no one else has touched the unit. Furthermore, the manager was not even willing to reimburse her for the lost items, forcing her to go buy brand new items.

Don't let this happen to you, store your belongings with Stoganize and ensure security. We'll make sure your items are safe while they're stored and if for some reason something does happen, we'll reimburse you up to $100 per item. 

2. Donate a couch a receive free mildew! 

My next interview came from a current senior who lived off campus his junior year but went home for the summer. he needed to store the furniture from his old apartment until he returned to DC and would be able to move the furniture into his new apartment. One item in specific was a nice leather couch that his parents had let him bring to school when he had initially moved off campus for his junior year.

He didn't think much about where he was storing his furniture. Based off a friend's input he decided to store in a local storage facility. He left in May and returned in August.

Unfortunately for him, his return WAS MET WITH what was once a nice leather couch, a ruined couch covered in mildew. See, this poor student didn't realize how important it can be for storage units to be climate controlled to ensure that there isn't too much moisture to allow bacteria and mold to grow. Store your items over the summer with Storganize ensure you don't lose valuable items. Storganize only STORES with climate controlled storage units to ensure your items are in the same condition as you left them.

3. The "best" way to make new friends

This final story comes from a current junior from New Jersey who found out the true meaning of "cat calling". The summer after her sophomore year she used the internet and found a local company to store her items while she was gone. She borrowed her friend's car and drove to the storage facility.

However, as she was moving her items from the car into the storage unit, she noticed people yelling over to her. She realized those voices were those of the facility workers, whistling and yelling to her. They were shouting sexually explicit phrases and comments at her the whole time she was transferring her items from her car to her unit.

Don't allow yourself to be disrespected and spoken to in a rude manner by those who are supposed to be helping you. Store with Storganize and you're guaranteed to have respectful, friendly workers helping you every step, from pick-up to drop-off. 


Don't let yourself be the next victim to a horrible storage experience. Use Storganize and you're guaranteed to have affordable prices, quality service and most importantly-a positive experience. For more information and ways that you can store your items with Storganize this coming summer, visit 

Why Storganize is Your Ultimate College Companion

Many say that college is the best phase of your life. You get to enjoy a sense of freedom, and experience a very diverse culture full of opportunities. However, college may not be such a sensation when it comes to finding your focus, deciding between various opportunities and investing your time in a set of activities. Most students try to avoid these challenges by seeking an environment that they are comfortable in. In other words, college students look for best friends that give them a reason to survive the 'college experience'.

Storganize is the perfect companion when it comes to making your college life much more relaxing. Think on it, Storganize provides you with everything that you often expect from your best friend: trust, convenience, and dependability. The company tends to develop a relationship with the students, and promises the best possible service. However, the convenience factor actually leads towards accessibility and timeliness. They pickup, store, and deliver back your items all managed through their easy to use website. The idea of online inventory is also very unique. Provided by the company, the customer then has a list of all the items that they have in their inventory with pictures and a short description.

Personally I would say that moving is actually something that I would avoid. It is hectic, and takes a good chunk out of your precious time. Time is quite a scarce commodity in college; you can only do one set of activities at a time. Which is especially difficult when you have to decide between several opportunities. Incidentally, your decisions are very important since college is all about building your future. So while you take care of planning your life, let Storganize take care of you. When it comes to understanding students and taking care of their needs, Storganize is your best friend.


Keep Calm and Storganize On

     With only a few weeks left of school, the only thing on your mind is basically SUMMER. But before we can dream about the warm weather out on the beach or just chilling with friends, there is still a list of things to do: final projects, essays, exams, and of course stressing about what to do with all your stuff.

     One thing for sure that you can cross of your list with confidence is to store your stuff during the summer with Storganize! Storganize will come pick up your things and deliver it to you for free. Presenting to you the Economy plan for only $12/ month per box. Don’t have any boxes? No worries. We will hold 3 tabling sessions outside of Mary Graydon Center (MGC) on April 12th, 19th, and 21st from 11 – 2 PM and during that time you can come pick up FREE boxes. 

     Storganize pickup days are May 1st and the 2nd. Storganize will be at North Campus (Cassell, Leonard, Mcdowell, Nebraska and Hughes Hall) on May 1st and at South Campus (Centennial, Anderson, Letts, Clark and Roper Hall) on May 2nd.

     As the term is coming to an end, we at Storganize wish you all good luck will your classes and upcoming exams. Just remember: keep calm and Storganize. 

Celebrate Holi: Colors, Bonfires and More!

It is finally time for some acceptable weather! As we step into Spring, we are also greeted by the highly spirited and widely celebrated Hindu festival of Holi. Holi is celebrated at the end of winter or usually on the last full moon day of the lunar month Falgun (February/March).

Holi has many purposes: it celebrates the beginning of spring, commemorates good spring harvests and fertile land, and serves as an occasion to renew ruptured relationships. The festival also has quite a story behind it that signifies the victory of good over evil!

The symbolic legend of Holi begins in the kingdom of Multan, ruled by King Hiranyakashipu, who we’ll refer to as “Hiran”. King Hiran spent years in austerity and penance and in return was awarded powers of immortality (the immunity to death by man, animal or god in the day or night) by Lord Brahma. Over time Hiran grew arrogant and proclaimed himself to be the ultimate god, commanding all to worship him exclusively, or to be killed. Prahlada (son of Hiran) disagreed, staying devoted to Lord Vishnu. The King was so angered by Prahlada’s devotion that he tried to kill him in various ways, ultimately foiled by Lord Vishnu’s mystical and protective power. Eventually, Holika—Prahlada’s evil aunt—tricked him into sitting on a pyre with her. Holika could not be harmed because she wore a cloak making her immune to injury from fire, but Prahlada did not have the same advantage. As the fire roared, Holika’s cloak flew off of her and onto Prahlada, sheltering him from the fire. The flames devoured Holika and angered the King greatly. Lord Vishnu then appeared in the form of Narasimha (part human, part animal) at twilight, exploiting a loophole in Brahma’s gift to King Hiran, and killing the King to end his reign of terror.

The bonfire is a reminder of the symbolic victory of good over evil, of Prahlada over Hiranyakashipu, and of the fire that burned Holika. The next day, when the embers cooled people applied ash to their foreheads, a practice still observed by many. Eventually, coloured powder came to be used to celebrate Holi.

So this is your guide to celebrating Holi the right way!



It’s time to refresh and renew! Start your Holi with a clean and organised space. Storganize is here to help store your winter wardrobe and all things cluttering your space!



A bonfire the night before Holi is symbolic of the victory of good over evil, and a perfect time to hash things out with the people you have grown distant from. Renew your relationships and start afresh!



It’s finally time to party! Holi celebrations include dancing, eating sweets and spraying others with colored water or dry colors. A few of the traditional Indian sweets eaten on Holi are called gujiya, mathri, malpuas and the traditional drink of Holi is called Bhang made with cannabis, milk and spices.



It’s time to sober down and sanskaar* up. This is the part you meet the entire extended family, distributing sweets and making awkward conversation.  The evening of Holi is reserved to be enjoyed with loved ones.

Wishing Everyone A Happy Holi from Storganize!

*Term for virtue, good values in Hindi

Check out the link below to attend Holi on the Quad at American University

Celebrate Lunar New Year with Storganize

How's 2016 New Years Resolution going? For those who are accomplishing your goals one by one, keep it going! For those whom New Year's Resolutions are not going so well, don't worry! January was just a trial month anyways, so Happy New Year again, more specifically Happy Lunar New Year! Although Lunar New Year was on February 8th, it is never too late to get the resolutions going. 

So what is Lunar New Year anyways? Lunar New Year follows the Lunisolar calendar which is based solely on the cycles of the moon. According to the Gregorian Calendar or Western Calendar, Lunar New Year falls on the second new moon of the year. Countries in Asia, such as China, Vietnam and Korea also share the same New Year.  It is commonly known as Chinese New Year, however, to be politically correct we simply referred to it as Lunar New Year. 

Here are some of the do's and don't, traditions and fun facts about Lunar New Year!

  1. It is finally 2016! The year of the Monkey! For those of you born in the year of the Monkey, this should be a lucky year for you. 
  2. Declutter your dorm room or apartment. It is time to get rid of the old year and welcome in a fresh new beginning. Don't stress about spring cleaning, store anything you want to save for later with Storganize.

  3. DO NOT take a shower or wash your hair on New Year's Day! You might be washing away your good luck. 

  4. New Years is an excuse to go shopping for new clothes, preferably red! Have fun, but spend wisely. Don't have a place to store your new clothes? Pack away any old or seasonal clothes and store it with us! We will even drop off boxes for you. 

  5. Besides buying new clothes, WEAR your RED clothes for the New Year! The color red symbolizes good fortune and luck. So, definitely wear red to class for those midterms coming up. 

  6. Children and unmarried adults receive little red envelopes.They are filled with money ( :

  7. Spend time with family and friends, and of course eat! It doesn't matter if New Year is the first day of the year, second month of the year or even mid-year. Nothing beats spending time with family and friends with amazing food. 

From Storganize and myself, we wish you all a year filled with prosperity, good luck and happiness! Continue to grow and reach your maximum potential! Start setting goals and tackle them throughout the year, whenever you want. The key is to start now! Happy Lunar New Year!

-Julie Ngo

Finals are Upon us!!!!!

The enemy has come upon us! Gather up your No. 2 sword and Edition 8 shield, final exams are fast approaching! Alas, the time has come for crammed studying sessions in congested library rooms shared between ten or more classmates, scribbling SOS messages on the walls of the SIS building while contemplating the worst case scenario, and crying to the gods of review packets for mercy the dreaded “night before.” Most of us have experienced it, but if by some chance you’re not familiar with this raw feeling of hopelessness and sweating bullets of Starbucks dark roast, here are some tips to combat the great beast of FINAL EXAMS!


  1. Book your flight now! No, not to escape testing--but rather, to get home to your trusty old mattress for much-needed rest. You may not think it’s important, however, the fact is that many students leave preparation for Winter Break to the last minute. This can add a ton of pressure to your schedule during finals season, which may prove inconvenient when trying to process all that textbook jargon…

  2. Make sure you have ALL of your materials in place! The last thing you need is to not have any of the guides, past quizzes and tests, readings, and other resources on hand when it ultimately comes time to begin studying. Prepare to be prepared!


  4. Prioritize based upon the exams you need the most studying for without cutting into time dedicated for others. Don’t lose your easy A over the hardest class!

  5. Don’t be afraid to take a study break: Watch some netflix, grab a coffee, go to the gym, hangout with friends, do something you enjoy. Your brain needs the time to digest all of the information you're studying and it is a good way to reduce your stress about the test.

  6. GET A GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP! Nothing worse than being sleep deprived during finals. A good night’s sleep allows you to process information faster, ensuring that you will get better grades on your finals and that they will go easier.

  7. Find on-campus resources such as the Academic Support and Access Center or Labs. Work with trained professional and peer tutors, attend workshops unique to your subject of study, opt for test accommodations if necessary, and be self-informed as to what SI sessions you should be attending to supplement your personal studying.

Jumping Abroad with A World Traveler

Priscilla Blum is student about to attend Cornell University in the spring of 2016. However, before her next four years of official education, Priscilla decided to embark on a journey through a program called semester at sea, where she traveled the world while taking her courses on a ship and docks at a different city each weekend. After discussing her trip with me, she came out with some great points, advice and insight on traveling abroad. Here are some pieces from Priscilla… 

1) Semester At Sea is a unique study abroad program on a floating college campus with approximately 600 students. Instead of studying in one country like a traditional study abroad, with Semester At Sea, you wake up in a new country every week or so (voyages range from 10-19 ports/countries). I was initially concerned about not being able to spend enough time in each country. I still feel I wasn't able to fully immerse myself into all of the different cultures, but since I got a taste of many places around the world, I now know where I want to return.

2)The countries that have stood out the most to me were definitely Morocco and Senegal because their cultures are entirely different than Europe even though Casablanca and Dakar claim to be 'the Paris of Africa'. My biggest culture shock was the poverty in Senegal. I obviously knew there would be poverty, but I never really understood it until I saw it for myself. The joy that lit up in children's faces was astounding when I gave them their own water bottle. It was eye opening to me to see the immense appreciation in things we take for granted daily.  

3) In Italy and Croatia everyone spoke English in the areas I visited (Civitachavechia, Rome, Pisa, Cinque Terre, Naples, Capri, and Dubrovnik) but that is probably because those are touristy places. I never took Spanish in high school so I struggled a bit in Spain. Fortunately, the people I traveled with knew Spanish so it was helpful having them there. In Morocco I was on a guided tour with other students and their parents. We had multiple guides who translated for us when we were shopping in the markets. They speak French in Senegal, so the beginners French I took throughout high school came in handy especially when interacting with women and children in small villages.

 4) I really wish I had brought a go pro on the trip. I reccomend that to people planning on studying abroad. People have taken some really sick under water videos and pictures. They are great for sightseeing and travel in general.  I wish I hadn't brought as much clothes because there is limited closet space.

5) The thing I miss most about home is my dog and mac and cheese. In Greece and Spain there are a lot of stray dogs which are cute but dont come close to mine at home.American food isnt too difficult to find abroad, especially in european countries however I have not been able to get mac and cheese anywhere unfortunately.

7) A rule I set for myself this trip was to taste the traditional dish in each country I visit. The two countries with surprisingly good food were Greece and Morocco. I did not expect to like the food in Greece because I am not a fan of Mediterranean styled dishes. I ended up having an unhealthy obsession with tomato balls, gyros, and baklava. I had low expectations for Morocco as well. I was amazed by how flavorful everything tasted. The best dishes in Morocco are any kind of tagine (chicken, lamb, vegetable) and the olive bread. I can't wait to revisit those countries to satisfy my cravings. The country that had the friendliest people was by far Croatia. Everyone was extremely hospitable and kind hearted. Croatia also has a very low crime rate, so that might be a contributing factor.  

8) My advice for people going abroad is to not plan everything out and keep an open mind to trying new things. You never know whom you're going to meet or what surprises may pop up. You need to be flexible and you can't be afraid to push yourself outside of your comfort zone. Some of the best days I've had were spur-of-the-moment decisions about what I am going to do and where I am going to go. Last week, for example, I was in Senegal and was invited to join some other kids to go hang out on a surfing island. It ended up being a beautiful place with great vibes.

3 tips to make Study Abroad the best experience of your life.

Meet new people. Obvious, right? You’ll be surprised to see how easy it is to stick to the group of friends you already know, especially if you are going to a country in which you have to speak a different language. Make an effort to meet new people whenever you can. It’ll be worth it!. I had so much fun and learned words that I wouldn’t have learned otherwise.



Join a sports team or club at your new University. I’ve played varsity soccer my whole life, even in college. When I went abroad I thought… “well, I already play soccer at home. This won’t be any different.” Oh, was I wrong. Everything from the way people play, to the words they shouted at one another was different. See if they have your favorite sport, and give it a try if you can. Even if it may be out of your comfort zone, the reward of having a great experience and meeting people from different backgrounds is well worth the risk.  If sports isn’t your thing, why not join a club?


Search for activities in your community. Every community is different and there is always something new to do and explore. Remember to keep an eye for what’s going on outside of your school as well - the options are endless.


Remember, these are just a few of the many things that can make your experience wonderful. As long as you keep and open-mind and meet new people not just in your program you will have an incredible experience.  Enjoy your new adventure! Bon voyage!

Storganize Study Abroad Logic: Affordability

Going abroad in the Spring? Have things to store but worried you might spend too much? We here at Storganize understand how important saving money is for college students - especially for those about to go abroad.  That is why Storganize has created a plan that is designed to work well for students looking to keep some stuff in DC while they explore a different part of the world.  If you store your things at Storganize you will know your possessions are safe in DC. You will also be able to have more money to spend while traveling the world. So how affordable is Storganize really?

Storganize is so affordable that you will spend more on Alcohol in one night than you will an entire month of keeping your stuff safe at Storganize.  Plan on going to Oktoberfest? Great, well one beer will cost you more than storing a large box of your valuables with Storganize for the entire month! Going to China and want to have a glass of Baijiu? Maybe you're going to Brazil and want a Caipirinha?  How about a glass of wine in Rome?  Well buy one of any of these drinks and you will have already spent more money than it costs you to store your stuff with Storganize for an entire month!!!l

The Item Plan at Storganize starts at just $7/month per box or $15/month for an item that does not fit in a box, like a couch or a bike for example. But wait, it gets better. We’ll pick it up, store it, and bring it back when you want it. So yeah, you heard it right: You get to keep that lovely couch of yours, take only the things you will ready need, and enjoy as many beers as you’d like with all the spare cash you have. Enjoy your trip!

How to Travel Like Anthony Bourdain

Do not miss out on one of the best parts of studying abroad, trying new Food!


Anthony Bourdain; chef, world traveler, and food extraordinaire once said that “food is everything we are. It's an extension of nationalist feeling, ethnic feeling, your personal history, your province, your region, your tribe, your grandma.” I couldn't agree more. I think that one of the best ways to explore a new culture is by trying new foods. No matter where you are in the world, the food will always tell a lot about the history of the region and the people who live there. If you limit yourself to the places that you may be familiar with like American food chains, you will not be be able to fully immerse yourself in the new culture.

    Try broadening your options and that includes small food vendors as well. Worried you might get food poisoning? Observe where locals go, or even better, ask the locals which ones they trust. This will be a good way of spotting a good meal and also connecting with new people.You’ll be surprise to see how people are incredibly willing to give their suggestions on their favorite places to eat.  

    The greatest part about traveling is that the food you try may be an ordinary meal, and most likely cheap option for locals. However, for you, it will be a completely new experience that won’t break your budget. If you are not already convinced to try new foods when you travel, then do it out of respect.  One of the most effective ways to quickly show respect for a culture is by enjoying their food.  So make sure whether you’re in the U.K., China, or Chile, always try new foods.  Enjoy, and Eat Up!!!

Studying Abroad with Storganize

Whether you’re studying abroad in London, Rome, Hong Kong or anywhere else, its one of the most exciting and eye opening times in your life. When preparing for study abroad there are thousands of things on your mind – What will this new country be like?  Will it meet or exceed my expectations? What will my new roommate be like? The last thing you should be worried about is where to store your stuff while you are abroad. 


That’s where Storganize comes in – we take care of storing your stuff so you don’t have to.  Storganize makes it easy by picking up your stuff for you and even bringing boxes along so you don’t have to go through the hassle of tracking down cardboard boxes. Something that makes Storganize unique is that we categorize all your items by taking pictures of everything that you store and putting them online on your own personal portal where you can view them anytime. That way, even when you’re thousands of miles away, you can see what you have in storage in an organized fashion.  Finally, when you’re back from your study abroad, feeling refreshed and reawakened, just give us 48 hours notice and we will deliver your stuff back to you, to your doorstep.  It’s that easy.  So if you’re looking to have a fantastic time studying abroad and want to forget about the logistics of storing your stuff, the solution is simple – just Storganize it! 

Q & A with The Worlds Finest Travelers

Meet our Travelers:

-    Shelby Ostergaard, American University Senior studying communications, law, economics and government

-    Olivia Evans, Boston College Senior studying public accounting

-    Christina Penafiel, Catholic University senior studying biology

I chatted with three college students that have been everywhere from Denmark to London, Switzerland to Spain and asked them about how their experience studying abroad could have been made stress free with Storganize. 

Where did you study abroad?

Shelby: I studied in Copenhagen, Denmark. 
Olivia: Geneva, Switzerland. 
Christina: Rome, Italy. 

What did you do with all of your stuff that you didn't need while studying abroad? Put it in storage/keep it at a friends etc.

ShelbyMy brother drove to DC from Chicago with his pick up truck and we drove all my stuff back in it. Then we put it all in boxes and put it in my mom's friend's basement. When I came back we drove all of it back.
Olivia: I stored it in a storage facility split between two people. 

How much did that method of storing your stuff cost?

Shelby: As much as 12 hours worth of gas.
Olivia: $50 a month. 

Was there any way storing your stuff could have been made easier or better? Like being able to sell your old books through an online portal that categorizes all your items? 

Olivia: It would have been easier if they had dropped off my stuff to the place I was living next. 

With Storganize someone would have come to pick up your stuff for you and you could have the option to pay by item rather than by space. Finally, What was your favorite item you brought back?  

Shelby: My favorite items are a bunch of postcards I collected from around Europe.
Olivia: My favorite item brought back was swiss chocolate.
Christina: I took a sketching class while abroad and my sketchbook is definitely my favorite thing I brought back. 

Lesson learned: Storing your items with Storganize makes sense, is reliable, well priced and cuts out all the hassle of moving your stuff and paying people to help you. The last thing you want to be worrying about when you're a student of the world is if your stuff is safe back home in the states. Trust Storganize to safeguard your stuff, and give you a sense of security. 


All Hallows Eve: Storage Monsters

All Hallows Eve is right around the corner, time for trick or treating and hauntings, witches and monsters, ghouls and goblins. No worries, though, we can store your fear and candy stash, even the decorations that you’ve bought to turn your living space into the best haunted house on the block. Want to have that halloween spirit away from home at school, but don’t want to get rid of all those awesome decorations that made your place, THE PLACE when the season comes to an end?

Just request a free bin from Storganize and for $7 per month you can store them for next year with our Item plan. Have more stuff? For only $99 per month on the Dorm Plan you can have your own 5x5 unit where you can store these decorations along with your other clutter. With the simple online inventory you can select when you want your items back separately and when renting a unit for 3 months or more pick up and delivery are free, no matter how many of your bins you want back.

Mike Myers may not be around campus slicing up people but he came to our storage company and cut up our prices.... The Blair Witch even Storganized it when it came to their spell books, and what do you think Charlie Brown did with all of those rocks he got trick or treating? Storganize is not only the best solution to your haunted house dreams come each October, but year around!

Thoughts every freshman has after their first 3 weeks of college

Could you ever imagine having all your possessions packed into one half of a tiny room? Hard to imagine, right? Especially given that the average American household has about 300,000 items. The task every college freshman faces to live with all of their stuff in such a small space is a hard one.  

That's exactly why Storganize has created a unique solution to solve this problem for students living in dorms. Storganize will bring you boxes so you can pack up all that extra stuff and keep it safe for you.

And it gets even better!!!  When it gets cold out and you decide it’s time to get the box with your favorite sweaters, no problem! Storganize will bring it right to your door! Click this link to take your first step in organizing your dorm room! 

My Tragic Mistake While Studying Abroad

Studying Abroad next semester? Great! I can speak from personal experience that when I studied abroad, my biggest mistake was packing way too much stuff. I didn’t know where to keep the things I didn’t want to take, and it was too much to leave at my friends’ house. I ended up taking way too much stuff with me. Like many of my friends did, when we wanted to take a weekend trip to Oktoberfest or extend our trip in Barcelona and Ibiza, we had to figure out how to take all of our luggage and where to keep it safe.  

That semester abroad I spent much of my money on excessive baggage fees that I could’ve spent on souvenirs and croissants. I knew there had to be a better way!  And then I found STORGANIZE!  See, Storganize is not your average storage company, unlike other storage companies, they understand that for students it needs to be easy and affordable.

Storganize gets that a lot of students don't need a full storage unit for their stuff, but instead might need to store just a few items.  Storganize gets that a lot of students don't own a large truck to go drop off and pick up their stuff in storage.  Storganize knows the needs of students, that's why at Storganize they charge reasonable prices, have a wide selection of programs to store your stuff including an item program, and they pickup and drop off your stuff when you need it.  That's why I tell all my friends to check out how Storganize can help them keep their stuff safe while they “study” abroad.