My Tragic Mistake While Studying Abroad

Studying Abroad next semester? Great! I can speak from personal experience that when I studied abroad, my biggest mistake was packing way too much stuff. I didn’t know where to keep the things I didn’t want to take, and it was too much to leave at my friends’ house. I ended up taking way too much stuff with me. Like many of my friends did, when we wanted to take a weekend trip to Oktoberfest or extend our trip in Barcelona and Ibiza, we had to figure out how to take all of our luggage and where to keep it safe.  

That semester abroad I spent much of my money on excessive baggage fees that I could’ve spent on souvenirs and croissants. I knew there had to be a better way!  And then I found STORGANIZE!  See, Storganize is not your average storage company, unlike other storage companies, they understand that for students it needs to be easy and affordable.

Storganize gets that a lot of students don't need a full storage unit for their stuff, but instead might need to store just a few items.  Storganize gets that a lot of students don't own a large truck to go drop off and pick up their stuff in storage.  Storganize knows the needs of students, that's why at Storganize they charge reasonable prices, have a wide selection of programs to store your stuff including an item program, and they pickup and drop off your stuff when you need it.  That's why I tell all my friends to check out how Storganize can help them keep their stuff safe while they “study” abroad.