Winter is Coming....

WINTER IS COMING! -- The leaves are changing colors, the climate is dropping, and you’re ready to shift gears into the new season! For you, the fast approaching fall means it’s time to ship in those long pants and sweaters, parkas and peacoats, and your much needed mittens from home! Storganize is the easy answer to make room for your newly-acquired winter clothes, while keeping your spring and summer clothes nearby and accessible.

Offering several plans, including your own separate Dorm Plan, a 5 X 5 unit for only $99/month. You can even split costs among friends to create a more economically-advantageous solution to your seasonal storage problems. For no charge for moving into or out of your unit when storing 3 months or longer, Storganize is the best deal on the market. Our online interface also includes an easily accessible catalog of everything in your unit, and will allow you and even your friends, if you choose to share closet space, to separately retrieve your individual items.

A whole closet too much for your storage needs? Try starting with the Item Plan, perfect for storing summer and fall clothes, seasonal decorations, and more! For $7/month per box or bin, unlimited and free with any Storganize unit plan, you’ll be able to clear out your clutter and get rid of those untouched, useless for now items. Decide that you actually don’t want the items back anymore, then junk-it. Storganize will get rid of the unwanted items in storage for you. Overall when it comes to changing seasons at college in DC, just Storganize it!