3 tips to make Study Abroad the best experience of your life.

Meet new people. Obvious, right? You’ll be surprised to see how easy it is to stick to the group of friends you already know, especially if you are going to a country in which you have to speak a different language. Make an effort to meet new people whenever you can. It’ll be worth it!. I had so much fun and learned words that I wouldn’t have learned otherwise.



Join a sports team or club at your new University. I’ve played varsity soccer my whole life, even in college. When I went abroad I thought… “well, I already play soccer at home. This won’t be any different.” Oh, was I wrong. Everything from the way people play, to the words they shouted at one another was different. See if they have your favorite sport, and give it a try if you can. Even if it may be out of your comfort zone, the reward of having a great experience and meeting people from different backgrounds is well worth the risk.  If sports isn’t your thing, why not join a club?


Search for activities in your community. Every community is different and there is always something new to do and explore. Remember to keep an eye for what’s going on outside of your school as well - the options are endless.


Remember, these are just a few of the many things that can make your experience wonderful. As long as you keep and open-mind and meet new people not just in your program you will have an incredible experience.  Enjoy your new adventure! Bon voyage!