Storganize Study Abroad Logic: Affordability

Going abroad in the Spring? Have things to store but worried you might spend too much? We here at Storganize understand how important saving money is for college students - especially for those about to go abroad.  That is why Storganize has created a plan that is designed to work well for students looking to keep some stuff in DC while they explore a different part of the world.  If you store your things at Storganize you will know your possessions are safe in DC. You will also be able to have more money to spend while traveling the world. So how affordable is Storganize really?

Storganize is so affordable that you will spend more on Alcohol in one night than you will an entire month of keeping your stuff safe at Storganize.  Plan on going to Oktoberfest? Great, well one beer will cost you more than storing a large box of your valuables with Storganize for the entire month! Going to China and want to have a glass of Baijiu? Maybe you're going to Brazil and want a Caipirinha?  How about a glass of wine in Rome?  Well buy one of any of these drinks and you will have already spent more money than it costs you to store your stuff with Storganize for an entire month!!!l

The Item Plan at Storganize starts at just $7/month per box or $15/month for an item that does not fit in a box, like a couch or a bike for example. But wait, it gets better. We’ll pick it up, store it, and bring it back when you want it. So yeah, you heard it right: You get to keep that lovely couch of yours, take only the things you will ready need, and enjoy as many beers as you’d like with all the spare cash you have. Enjoy your trip!