5 Easy DIY Ideas to Improve Your Home

Do you ever feel like your home isn’t living up to its full potential? Here are some easy and creative ways to spice it up!

By: Vanessa Carvalho

DIY or Do it yourself has recently become a very popular type of home improvement, building and modifying. Many of these projects are fun and easy for everyone. Here are a few ideas for your home:

1.     Add mirrors to closet doors

Adding mirrors to your closet doors makes them more practical but it also makes them look sleek and professionally installed without paying big bucks for new doors!

2.     Hide your television wires in a shower curtain rod

Trying to hide ugly television wires? Use a shower curtain rod! Paint it the same color as your walls to make them nearly invisible!

3.     Frame your TV

Trying to hide a bulky ugly TV but have a low budget? This method makes it super easy to customize your television without breaking the bank!

 4.     Makeshift canopy

Use curtain rods to create a makeshift canopy! It’s easy to install and gives your room an extra touch!

5.     Liquid stainless steal paint for your refrigerator!

This is a quick and inexpensive way of getting the “stainless stain” look for your refrigerator without having to upgrade. Use stainless steal paint on your fridge and viola! It looks brand new!


From all of us at Storganize:

We hope these DIY ideas help you add a little something special to your home. And remember, when you need anyone to move and or store your DIY projects and all of your other items, contact Storganize!