The Horrors of Storage

I've interviewed everyone from freshmen to seniors, from students born halfway across the world to those who grew up with AU in their backyard and those who live on North side, South side and off campus to bring you the worst moving experiences AU students have experienced and let you know how you can avoid having similar experiences of your own. 


1. Who needs a dresser anyway?

I interviewed an international student Hong Kong, a current sophomore who's decided to move off campus to live in the Berkshire apartments for her second year of school. At the end of her freshman year, her father flew down to DC to help her pack up and purchase furniture she would need for her apartment in the Berks in the fall. They decided to store the new furniture until she returned in July to move in.

when she flew back in July and went with her friend went to pick up all of her stuff from the storage unit, key items were nowhere to be found. Namely, her dresser and bed frame. When she inquired about the items with the manager, he said that she must be confused because no one else has touched the unit. Furthermore, the manager was not even willing to reimburse her for the lost items, forcing her to go buy brand new items.

Don't let this happen to you, store your belongings with Stoganize and ensure security. We'll make sure your items are safe while they're stored and if for some reason something does happen, we'll reimburse you up to $100 per item. 

2. Donate a couch a receive free mildew! 

My next interview came from a current senior who lived off campus his junior year but went home for the summer. he needed to store the furniture from his old apartment until he returned to DC and would be able to move the furniture into his new apartment. One item in specific was a nice leather couch that his parents had let him bring to school when he had initially moved off campus for his junior year.

He didn't think much about where he was storing his furniture. Based off a friend's input he decided to store in a local storage facility. He left in May and returned in August.

Unfortunately for him, his return WAS MET WITH what was once a nice leather couch, a ruined couch covered in mildew. See, this poor student didn't realize how important it can be for storage units to be climate controlled to ensure that there isn't too much moisture to allow bacteria and mold to grow. Store your items over the summer with Storganize ensure you don't lose valuable items. Storganize only STORES with climate controlled storage units to ensure your items are in the same condition as you left them.

3. The "best" way to make new friends

This final story comes from a current junior from New Jersey who found out the true meaning of "cat calling". The summer after her sophomore year she used the internet and found a local company to store her items while she was gone. She borrowed her friend's car and drove to the storage facility.

However, as she was moving her items from the car into the storage unit, she noticed people yelling over to her. She realized those voices were those of the facility workers, whistling and yelling to her. They were shouting sexually explicit phrases and comments at her the whole time she was transferring her items from her car to her unit.

Don't allow yourself to be disrespected and spoken to in a rude manner by those who are supposed to be helping you. Store with Storganize and you're guaranteed to have respectful, friendly workers helping you every step, from pick-up to drop-off. 


Don't let yourself be the next victim to a horrible storage experience. Use Storganize and you're guaranteed to have affordable prices, quality service and most importantly-a positive experience. For more information and ways that you can store your items with Storganize this coming summer, visit 

Why Storganize is Your Ultimate College Companion

Many say that college is the best phase of your life. You get to enjoy a sense of freedom, and experience a very diverse culture full of opportunities. However, college may not be such a sensation when it comes to finding your focus, deciding between various opportunities and investing your time in a set of activities. Most students try to avoid these challenges by seeking an environment that they are comfortable in. In other words, college students look for best friends that give them a reason to survive the 'college experience'.

Storganize is the perfect companion when it comes to making your college life much more relaxing. Think on it, Storganize provides you with everything that you often expect from your best friend: trust, convenience, and dependability. The company tends to develop a relationship with the students, and promises the best possible service. However, the convenience factor actually leads towards accessibility and timeliness. They pickup, store, and deliver back your items all managed through their easy to use website. The idea of online inventory is also very unique. Provided by the company, the customer then has a list of all the items that they have in their inventory with pictures and a short description.

Personally I would say that moving is actually something that I would avoid. It is hectic, and takes a good chunk out of your precious time. Time is quite a scarce commodity in college; you can only do one set of activities at a time. Which is especially difficult when you have to decide between several opportunities. Incidentally, your decisions are very important since college is all about building your future. So while you take care of planning your life, let Storganize take care of you. When it comes to understanding students and taking care of their needs, Storganize is your best friend.


Celebrate Lunar New Year with Storganize

How's 2016 New Years Resolution going? For those who are accomplishing your goals one by one, keep it going! For those whom New Year's Resolutions are not going so well, don't worry! January was just a trial month anyways, so Happy New Year again, more specifically Happy Lunar New Year! Although Lunar New Year was on February 8th, it is never too late to get the resolutions going. 

So what is Lunar New Year anyways? Lunar New Year follows the Lunisolar calendar which is based solely on the cycles of the moon. According to the Gregorian Calendar or Western Calendar, Lunar New Year falls on the second new moon of the year. Countries in Asia, such as China, Vietnam and Korea also share the same New Year.  It is commonly known as Chinese New Year, however, to be politically correct we simply referred to it as Lunar New Year. 

Here are some of the do's and don't, traditions and fun facts about Lunar New Year!

  1. It is finally 2016! The year of the Monkey! For those of you born in the year of the Monkey, this should be a lucky year for you. 
  2. Declutter your dorm room or apartment. It is time to get rid of the old year and welcome in a fresh new beginning. Don't stress about spring cleaning, store anything you want to save for later with Storganize.

  3. DO NOT take a shower or wash your hair on New Year's Day! You might be washing away your good luck. 

  4. New Years is an excuse to go shopping for new clothes, preferably red! Have fun, but spend wisely. Don't have a place to store your new clothes? Pack away any old or seasonal clothes and store it with us! We will even drop off boxes for you. 

  5. Besides buying new clothes, WEAR your RED clothes for the New Year! The color red symbolizes good fortune and luck. So, definitely wear red to class for those midterms coming up. 

  6. Children and unmarried adults receive little red envelopes.They are filled with money ( :

  7. Spend time with family and friends, and of course eat! It doesn't matter if New Year is the first day of the year, second month of the year or even mid-year. Nothing beats spending time with family and friends with amazing food. 

From Storganize and myself, we wish you all a year filled with prosperity, good luck and happiness! Continue to grow and reach your maximum potential! Start setting goals and tackle them throughout the year, whenever you want. The key is to start now! Happy Lunar New Year!

-Julie Ngo

All Hallows Eve: Storage Monsters

All Hallows Eve is right around the corner, time for trick or treating and hauntings, witches and monsters, ghouls and goblins. No worries, though, we can store your fear and candy stash, even the decorations that you’ve bought to turn your living space into the best haunted house on the block. Want to have that halloween spirit away from home at school, but don’t want to get rid of all those awesome decorations that made your place, THE PLACE when the season comes to an end?

Just request a free bin from Storganize and for $7 per month you can store them for next year with our Item plan. Have more stuff? For only $99 per month on the Dorm Plan you can have your own 5x5 unit where you can store these decorations along with your other clutter. With the simple online inventory you can select when you want your items back separately and when renting a unit for 3 months or more pick up and delivery are free, no matter how many of your bins you want back.

Mike Myers may not be around campus slicing up people but he came to our storage company and cut up our prices.... The Blair Witch even Storganized it when it came to their spell books, and what do you think Charlie Brown did with all of those rocks he got trick or treating? Storganize is not only the best solution to your haunted house dreams come each October, but year around!

Thoughts every freshman has after their first 3 weeks of college

Could you ever imagine having all your possessions packed into one half of a tiny room? Hard to imagine, right? Especially given that the average American household has about 300,000 items. The task every college freshman faces to live with all of their stuff in such a small space is a hard one.  

That's exactly why Storganize has created a unique solution to solve this problem for students living in dorms. Storganize will bring you boxes so you can pack up all that extra stuff and keep it safe for you.

And it gets even better!!!  When it gets cold out and you decide it’s time to get the box with your favorite sweaters, no problem! Storganize will bring it right to your door! Click this link to take your first step in organizing your dorm room! 

Winter is Coming....

WINTER IS COMING! -- The leaves are changing colors, the climate is dropping, and you’re ready to shift gears into the new season! For you, the fast approaching fall means it’s time to ship in those long pants and sweaters, parkas and peacoats, and your much needed mittens from home! Storganize is the easy answer to make room for your newly-acquired winter clothes, while keeping your spring and summer clothes nearby and accessible.

Offering several plans, including your own separate Dorm Plan, a 5 X 5 unit for only $99/month. You can even split costs among friends to create a more economically-advantageous solution to your seasonal storage problems. For no charge for moving into or out of your unit when storing 3 months or longer, Storganize is the best deal on the market. Our online interface also includes an easily accessible catalog of everything in your unit, and will allow you and even your friends, if you choose to share closet space, to separately retrieve your individual items.

A whole closet too much for your storage needs? Try starting with the Item Plan, perfect for storing summer and fall clothes, seasonal decorations, and more! For $7/month per box or bin, unlimited and free with any Storganize unit plan, you’ll be able to clear out your clutter and get rid of those untouched, useless for now items. Decide that you actually don’t want the items back anymore, then junk-it. Storganize will get rid of the unwanted items in storage for you. Overall when it comes to changing seasons at college in DC, just Storganize it!