The temperatures are rising and things are about to finally get hot in the District 🔥🔥🔥

It's time to store away your coats and sweaters and make space for summer essentials 2016 👙 👒 👕 🕶

To help you survive the summer in fashion here are a few of AU's own and their essentials or favourites for the season.


Laid Back Sexy





"I use this for a more natural and matte look"


"I love this scent because of how strong it is without being overwhelming."


"You should always be prepared for summer with condoms, I personally like brightly coloured Durex condoms for the season."


"Music is arguably one of the most important part of summer and you gotta have high quality speakers to play good music"


George's Recommended Summer Jam:

I spend most of my time by the water, so the colour kind of grew on me
— George Khnouf on why he owns so many blue shirts




I have lots of thoughts on what guys should be doing this summer


"A subtle colour with a nice fabric is going to be so cool for the summer.

People are trying to show these big trousers and wide pants on men, I still like a fitted pant and they look great with loafers."


"I wore them last summer, I’ll still wear them this summer. You can get them in many different colours. I just think that the safari, tan colour is really cool"


"I think floral print is really stupid unless it's the summer.

I don't like a lot of floral print, wearing a print shirt is personally too much for me. However, I think every man should own a navy blue crisp suit that he can wear any time of the year. That floral tie with the navy blue suit peeerfect for the summer"



"In the summer you should take that time to do something for yourself and I think every guy could use a nice relaxing bath. There's no better way to enjoy a bath than with a bath bomb!"


"Per ussh (usual) this summer is going to be about nice white wines. The Yellow Tail Moscato is nothing near a nice white wine, but the point is guys should know something about wine heading towards summer. No matter who you’re trying to impress, whether it’s a love interest or a group of friends knowing your wine means something."

"So if you're an idiot and order a deep red, like a merlot or something you're going to sound stupid.

Don't only dress to impress, but also order to impress.


"If I had to recommend a bracelet it would be knit, a few strings around your wrist or something leather would be cool, like brown or black leather would be cool even for a summer wrist piece"

"I have a friend who owns a clothing company called J.Riley and they make cool knitted bracelets with an anchor on them which is perfect for the summer!"


"I added a flip flop, but it’s not just any flip flop. People can do flip flops so badly and it can look so f*** tacky. Shoes matter, you can't complete your outfit and think that what ever shoes you have aren't going to matter. Your shoes should tie the outfit together.

I bought these from Boca Grande, Florida. The cross strap is knit which is really cool and adds extra dimension so you have something to wear besides Sperry's."

If you can avoid wearing Sperry’s every f****** day of the summer, avoid wearing Sperry’s. Do better for yourself.
— Will Mascaro's Big 101 Tip


"I have hair that tends to just flop over, but my hair right now is defying gravity and thats because of this product.

I've had bad experiences with chemical based hair products in the past, they either make my hair dry, greasy or fall out. There's always a lot going on, so I use Dirty by Lush. It's all organic and non-chemical based, using a little bit of it beefs up your hair and adds volume."




Will's take on the popular American Crew styling products

"I don't like it, my past experience with brand based products like Crew is that they’re very waxy and very thick so even if I wasnt concerened about the chemicals, I dont like how it makes my hair feel hard."


Easy Breezy

"The top is super tight and simple so I chose this floral skirt to make the outfit stand out. I love wearing skirts because i don’t feel constrained like I do in pants."

Top: Free People

Bottom: Lucca

"I was inspired to get this top and ripped shorts because of my love of Coachella!! Super fun outfit that won’t give you awkward tan lines where you out all day in the hot sun.

Top: Urban Outfitters

Bottom: Urban Outfitters



Eye shadow: Naked smokey eye pallet
Mascara: Bobby Brown
Eye Liner: Tarte
Nail Polish: Forever Yummy eesie


Makeup Geek 



"I’m oily so using a primer in the hot humid summer months really helps my makeup stay on. I use a pore filling primer in my T zone to help me mattify and shrink the appearance large pores. If you’re dry I would recommend using a hydrating primer such as the Too Faced - Hangover Rx."


"Summer is all about less is more, I don’t like wearing heavy makeup in the heat. I love powder foundation - it barely feels like theres anything on your skin! My favourite one is the bare minerals original foundation because it still has good medium coverage to cover imperfections. It has a dewy natural finish with SPF 15 to protect you from the sun" 


"I love being bronze all year around but theres no such thing as being too bronzed over the Summer. My favourite way to get a bronzed look is to apply a cream bronzer (SOLEIL TAN DE CHANEL BRONZING MAKEUP BASE) and then apply an either Matte Bronzer for a sculpted contour look such as the Too Faced Soleil matte bronzer OR a NARS laguna bronzing powder with a shimmer finish to get a sun kissed healthy looking glow."


"I think blush is so cute in the summer months. it makes you look more tan. I recommend investing in a blush palette- TARTE has some of the greatest blushes with high pigmentation. I love a pinky-peach blush for the summer to get that radiant glow"


"This year has all been about getting that glow. I think the prettiest look is being super bronze and glowy. To get the max glow I like to put a liquid or cream highlight like the Loreal True Match Lumi Liquid Glow and layer it with a powdered highlight like the Glow Kits from Anastasia of Beverly hills."


"Being super flashy is a fun way to look flirty and fun over the carefree summer. I love Benefit Roller Lash to get super long and curled lashes and the Better than Sex for a really volumized lash - or be like me and be super extra and layer them both!"



lip stains and lip gloss are super fun way to add in some extra colour!



"THIS STEP IS SO IMPORTANT TO ALL LADIES AND GENTS! the best way to make sure your makeup stays on all day is to use a setting spray. It keeps your makeup in place all day and sets your face so you don’t look powdery. I love Mario Badescu the aloe and rosewater refresh your face and smells so good."



“I like patterned chubbies because they’re sort of flamboyant for my personal taste, as far as what I would wear every day but in the summer I like to be relaxed and I like my wardrobe to reflect that, so they are my wild card shorts as I usually have solid neutral or pastel flat fronts from day to day”


“A day on the beach in the En Fuegos is well accompanied by a double tequila.”


"Summer isn't always 100% relaxation. When things turn formal I like my bright blue ties which complement my eyes. Neck or bow really just depends on my mood."


"The half rim wayfarers are a simple choice but I usually go with silver aviators because they give me a sense of disassociation from my surroundings... "


"I alternate between crews depending on humidity, for high humidity I use the forming cream because it has a higher hold and it keeps my hair looking extra matte despite the moisture"


"Well, needless to say, as zippo always comes in handy"

The Horrors of Storage

I've interviewed everyone from freshmen to seniors, from students born halfway across the world to those who grew up with AU in their backyard and those who live on North side, South side and off campus to bring you the worst moving experiences AU students have experienced and let you know how you can avoid having similar experiences of your own. 


1. Who needs a dresser anyway?

I interviewed an international student Hong Kong, a current sophomore who's decided to move off campus to live in the Berkshire apartments for her second year of school. At the end of her freshman year, her father flew down to DC to help her pack up and purchase furniture she would need for her apartment in the Berks in the fall. They decided to store the new furniture until she returned in July to move in.

when she flew back in July and went with her friend went to pick up all of her stuff from the storage unit, key items were nowhere to be found. Namely, her dresser and bed frame. When she inquired about the items with the manager, he said that she must be confused because no one else has touched the unit. Furthermore, the manager was not even willing to reimburse her for the lost items, forcing her to go buy brand new items.

Don't let this happen to you, store your belongings with Stoganize and ensure security. We'll make sure your items are safe while they're stored and if for some reason something does happen, we'll reimburse you up to $100 per item. 

2. Donate a couch a receive free mildew! 

My next interview came from a current senior who lived off campus his junior year but went home for the summer. he needed to store the furniture from his old apartment until he returned to DC and would be able to move the furniture into his new apartment. One item in specific was a nice leather couch that his parents had let him bring to school when he had initially moved off campus for his junior year.

He didn't think much about where he was storing his furniture. Based off a friend's input he decided to store in a local storage facility. He left in May and returned in August.

Unfortunately for him, his return WAS MET WITH what was once a nice leather couch, a ruined couch covered in mildew. See, this poor student didn't realize how important it can be for storage units to be climate controlled to ensure that there isn't too much moisture to allow bacteria and mold to grow. Store your items over the summer with Storganize ensure you don't lose valuable items. Storganize only STORES with climate controlled storage units to ensure your items are in the same condition as you left them.

3. The "best" way to make new friends

This final story comes from a current junior from New Jersey who found out the true meaning of "cat calling". The summer after her sophomore year she used the internet and found a local company to store her items while she was gone. She borrowed her friend's car and drove to the storage facility.

However, as she was moving her items from the car into the storage unit, she noticed people yelling over to her. She realized those voices were those of the facility workers, whistling and yelling to her. They were shouting sexually explicit phrases and comments at her the whole time she was transferring her items from her car to her unit.

Don't allow yourself to be disrespected and spoken to in a rude manner by those who are supposed to be helping you. Store with Storganize and you're guaranteed to have respectful, friendly workers helping you every step, from pick-up to drop-off. 


Don't let yourself be the next victim to a horrible storage experience. Use Storganize and you're guaranteed to have affordable prices, quality service and most importantly-a positive experience. For more information and ways that you can store your items with Storganize this coming summer, visit 

Keep Calm and Storganize On

     With only a few weeks left of school, the only thing on your mind is basically SUMMER. But before we can dream about the warm weather out on the beach or just chilling with friends, there is still a list of things to do: final projects, essays, exams, and of course stressing about what to do with all your stuff.

     One thing for sure that you can cross of your list with confidence is to store your stuff during the summer with Storganize! Storganize will come pick up your things and deliver it to you for free. Presenting to you the Economy plan for only $12/ month per box. Don’t have any boxes? No worries. We will hold 3 tabling sessions outside of Mary Graydon Center (MGC) on April 12th, 19th, and 21st from 11 – 2 PM and during that time you can come pick up FREE boxes. 

     Storganize pickup days are May 1st and the 2nd. Storganize will be at North Campus (Cassell, Leonard, Mcdowell, Nebraska and Hughes Hall) on May 1st and at South Campus (Centennial, Anderson, Letts, Clark and Roper Hall) on May 2nd.

     As the term is coming to an end, we at Storganize wish you all good luck will your classes and upcoming exams. Just remember: keep calm and Storganize.