Storganize: Stress-Free College Storage

Imagine you’re a college student… You’re loving life, making friends, planning awesome stuff for the future and trying your hardest not be crushed under all that classwork. Maybe you have plans to study abroad, travel the world, visit a friend or rent a new apartment. You got the world at your fingertips, but the crush of responsibility always seems to hold you back.

Now, imagine it’s exam week; you wake up in your dorm room, step over your roommate’s bag of clothes and rush over to your exam room. You crushed it, or at least you finished it; now you don’t have to worry about that test anymore. You’re about to head home for break and suddenly it hits you, what the *#!% am I gonna do with all my stuff? That’s where we come in…

Storganize is your full-service student storage solution for Washington DC. We’ll come right to your dorm or apartment, pick up those belongings you don’t know what to do with and store them for you. When you want them back, just click a few buttons on our website and our guys will deliver your stuff right to you. We even have an optional inventory service where we’ll photograph your items in storage and put everything up on a web profile so you can see what you have, order things to be delivered when you want, or send additional things out to storage.

While we’ll store any student’s (legal) belongings, some of you may need us more than others, such as:

·      Study Abroad Students

·      International Students

·      Students going home for the summer

·      Students who just have too much darn stuff in their dorm room

Alright, sounds great, but how much is this gonna cost me? Less than any of your other options and it’s easier too!

·      Our Item Plan starts at just $7/month per box/bin and $15/month per unboxed (larger) item

·      Deliveries are FREE if you store with us for at least 3 months

That’s it: simple, easy and stress-free. Seriously, see the world and do what you want with your life; let us handle your storage.