Finals are Upon us!!!!!

The enemy has come upon us! Gather up your No. 2 sword and Edition 8 shield, final exams are fast approaching! Alas, the time has come for crammed studying sessions in congested library rooms shared between ten or more classmates, scribbling SOS messages on the walls of the SIS building while contemplating the worst case scenario, and crying to the gods of review packets for mercy the dreaded “night before.” Most of us have experienced it, but if by some chance you’re not familiar with this raw feeling of hopelessness and sweating bullets of Starbucks dark roast, here are some tips to combat the great beast of FINAL EXAMS!


  1. Book your flight now! No, not to escape testing--but rather, to get home to your trusty old mattress for much-needed rest. You may not think it’s important, however, the fact is that many students leave preparation for Winter Break to the last minute. This can add a ton of pressure to your schedule during finals season, which may prove inconvenient when trying to process all that textbook jargon…

  2. Make sure you have ALL of your materials in place! The last thing you need is to not have any of the guides, past quizzes and tests, readings, and other resources on hand when it ultimately comes time to begin studying. Prepare to be prepared!


  4. Prioritize based upon the exams you need the most studying for without cutting into time dedicated for others. Don’t lose your easy A over the hardest class!

  5. Don’t be afraid to take a study break: Watch some netflix, grab a coffee, go to the gym, hangout with friends, do something you enjoy. Your brain needs the time to digest all of the information you're studying and it is a good way to reduce your stress about the test.

  6. GET A GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP! Nothing worse than being sleep deprived during finals. A good night’s sleep allows you to process information faster, ensuring that you will get better grades on your finals and that they will go easier.

  7. Find on-campus resources such as the Academic Support and Access Center or Labs. Work with trained professional and peer tutors, attend workshops unique to your subject of study, opt for test accommodations if necessary, and be self-informed as to what SI sessions you should be attending to supplement your personal studying.