All Hallows Eve: Storage Monsters

All Hallows Eve is right around the corner, time for trick or treating and hauntings, witches and monsters, ghouls and goblins. No worries, though, we can store your fear and candy stash, even the decorations that you’ve bought to turn your living space into the best haunted house on the block. Want to have that halloween spirit away from home at school, but don’t want to get rid of all those awesome decorations that made your place, THE PLACE when the season comes to an end?

Just request a free bin from Storganize and for $7 per month you can store them for next year with our Item plan. Have more stuff? For only $99 per month on the Dorm Plan you can have your own 5x5 unit where you can store these decorations along with your other clutter. With the simple online inventory you can select when you want your items back separately and when renting a unit for 3 months or more pick up and delivery are free, no matter how many of your bins you want back.

Mike Myers may not be around campus slicing up people but he came to our storage company and cut up our prices.... The Blair Witch even Storganized it when it came to their spell books, and what do you think Charlie Brown did with all of those rocks he got trick or treating? Storganize is not only the best solution to your haunted house dreams come each October, but year around!