Q & A with The Worlds Finest Travelers

Meet our Travelers:

-    Shelby Ostergaard, American University Senior studying communications, law, economics and government

-    Olivia Evans, Boston College Senior studying public accounting

-    Christina Penafiel, Catholic University senior studying biology

I chatted with three college students that have been everywhere from Denmark to London, Switzerland to Spain and asked them about how their experience studying abroad could have been made stress free with Storganize. 

Where did you study abroad?

Shelby: I studied in Copenhagen, Denmark. 
Olivia: Geneva, Switzerland. 
Christina: Rome, Italy. 

What did you do with all of your stuff that you didn't need while studying abroad? Put it in storage/keep it at a friends etc.

ShelbyMy brother drove to DC from Chicago with his pick up truck and we drove all my stuff back in it. Then we put it all in boxes and put it in my mom's friend's basement. When I came back we drove all of it back.
Olivia: I stored it in a storage facility split between two people. 

How much did that method of storing your stuff cost?

Shelby: As much as 12 hours worth of gas.
Olivia: $50 a month. 

Was there any way storing your stuff could have been made easier or better? Like being able to sell your old books through an online portal that categorizes all your items? 

Olivia: It would have been easier if they had dropped off my stuff to the place I was living next. 

With Storganize someone would have come to pick up your stuff for you and you could have the option to pay by item rather than by space. Finally, What was your favorite item you brought back?  

Shelby: My favorite items are a bunch of postcards I collected from around Europe.
Olivia: My favorite item brought back was swiss chocolate.
Christina: I took a sketching class while abroad and my sketchbook is definitely my favorite thing I brought back. 

Lesson learned: Storing your items with Storganize makes sense, is reliable, well priced and cuts out all the hassle of moving your stuff and paying people to help you. The last thing you want to be worrying about when you're a student of the world is if your stuff is safe back home in the states. Trust Storganize to safeguard your stuff, and give you a sense of security.