The Economy Plan


What is the economy Plan?

The Economy Plan is the most affordable storage option for on-campus students. We have 2 set pickup days: May 1st for North Campus and May 2nd for South Campus. You bring your items to us (we'll have dollies for you to use) on one of these days and we store them for you. During AU's Welcome Week in August we will have 2 set delivery days (dates TBD until AU releases their Fall Calendar) and you can sign up for a time to deliver your items back to your dorm or off-campus apartment!

how much does it cost?

Storganize charges per box or per unboxed item. If you elect to pay upfront for your entire storage term, you will pay less per item than if you select to pay month-to-month. Your pickup and delivery are free! 

Upfront Price:
     $12/month per box/bin;
     $25/month per unboxed item
Month-to-Month Price:
     $15/month per box/bin;
     $30/month per unboxed item

where do i bring my items on the pickup day?

If you live in North Campus (McDowell, Cassel, Hughes, Leonard, Nebraska Halls)- May 1st, 2016: In Front of McDowell Hall

If you live in South Campus (Letts-Anderson, Clark, Centennial, Roper Halls)- May 2nd, 2016: In the Letts-Anderson Courtyard

what about pickups and deliveries?

Your pickup and delivery are free! If you happen to miss your delivery window or if you need us to deliver your items on a day other than the set days (Aug. 24, 25, 26 and 27) during welcome week, there will be a $60 charge for a one-off delivery. 

what can I store?

Check our our Terms of Service for a full list of unacceptable items, but, in general, we can't store anything that is illegal, perishable or hazardous (chemicals, gasoline, items which emit noxious odors). We charge the same price per box, regardless of how large the box is, but we limit the weight of an individual box to no more than 40lbs. 

what else do i get?

We'll have FREE storage boxes and tape available for pickup at our on-campus tabling days or on the set pickup days, so no need to buy your own boxes, unless you want to!

Our on-campus tabling days are as follows:

  • April 12th from 11am-2pm in front of MGC
  • April 19th from 11am-2pm in front of MGC
  • April 21st from 11am-2pm in front of MGC