Our Storage Services

The Item Plan


Store just a few items

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The Closet Plan


Get a dedicated 5"x5" Storage Unit

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The Plus Plan


More stuff? Get a larger Storage Unit.

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Storganize Economy


1. You pack

2. We pick up

3. We store

4. We deliver



Free Bins.

We deliver as many as you need
to your doorstep. Free.



Online Inventory.

Know exactly what you're storing.

Free Pickup.

We move all of your items out of your house and to storage. Free.



Deliver. Donate. Junk. 

Skip the trip to storage. Choose what you want to do with your items in storage. 


Rest easy. Our storage facilities have 24/7 onsite surveillance.




No long-term contracts or rate hikes. Store for 1 month or more. The longer you store, the less you pay.


Economy Pricing