El Plan Articulo


Que es el plan articulo?

The Item Plan is a storage solution that charges you per item stored, rather than the traditional method of charging based on storage space. This is perfect for students who have just a few boxes and/or larger items that they need to store, without them having to pay for a full storage unit. 

how much does it cost?

Storage pricing for the Item Plan is simple; it's just $7/month per box and $15/month for anything that won't fit into a box, such as a piece of furniture, refrigerator, bicycle, lamp, etc. Also, save 10% when you pay upfront!


what about pickups and deliveries?

If you store with us for a least 3 months, which most students do, we'll pick up and deliver your items for free. If you store for less than 3 months, pickups and deliveries cost $60/delivery. 

what can I store?

Check our our Terms of Service for a full list of unacceptable items, but, in general, we can't store anything that is illegal, perishable or hazardous (chemicals, gasoline, items which emit noxious odors). We charge the same price ($7/month) per box, regardless of how large the box is, but we limit the weight of an individual box to no more than 35lbs. 

what else do i get?

Glad you asked! We create an online inventory of all your items in storage for every customer, which you can access through your secure profile on our website. You can make requests directly through the site to have our Moving Team deliver some (or all) of your items to you, junk or donate items, or even list them for sale on our Student Marketplace. 

We also deliver FREE storage boxes upon request, so no need to buy your own boxes, unless you want to!