15 things you can store for only $15/month

So you’re going abroad, right? Ever wonder what to do with that bicycle or the set of golf clubs you have cluttering up your living space? Well this winter store it with Storganize!!!  If you have an item that does not fit in a box. Don’t Sweat it!!! We will pick up any item and store it for you.  So here is an incredible list of all the amazing things you can store for only 15 dollars a month with Storganize!!!

1 – A Bicycle

2 – A Kitty Tower

3 – Any of your IKEA furniture. We know you have some.

4 – A Couch

5 – Beer Pong Table

6 – Golf Clubs

7 – That art sculpture you made at Katzen

8 – Skis (why not?)

9 – Chairs

10 – A kayak

11 – A mattress

12 – Lamps

13 – Musical Instruments

14 – Luggage

15 – Mini fridge