Top 7 Places To Go While You Study Abroad In France

1.      Arnes De Nimes

This amphitheater is one of the most ancient and beautiful pieces of architect in the city of Nimes.  There are events on occasion in this amphitheater such as bullfights and popular concerts.  So be sure to check the local news while you are in France and be sure to stop by this ancient piece of artwork.  

2.      Disneyland in Paris

What is more magical than Disneyland? The answer is nothing. Embrace your inner child when you step inside the magical gates of Disney.  This can be a whole day event with a couple of people that you meet or talk to other friends that are studying abroad and meet up in Paris for a day of fun at Disney.

3.      Musee du Louvre

Serving as the most visited museum in the world Musee du Louvre is absolutely gorgeous.  You may stop when you get to the entrance and be amazed by the huge architecture piece but what is inside will blow your mind away.   You will find everything from mummies to the Code of Hammurabi inside. 

4.      Eiffel Tower

This piece of architecture is an obvious "must see" when it comes to things you have to see in France while you are there.  Be sure to absorb all 1063 feet of the building.  Also make sure you get the infamous selfie against the extremely tall tower. 

5.      La Valle De Chamonix

La Valle De Chamonix is a magical place to go to see some beautiful sites along with fun outdoor activities. On your adventure be sure to stop by the cozy hotels for hot cocoa to warm up.  Also take some photos of the beautiful Mountains in the background on your visit.

6.      Route des vins d’Alsace

Some of the worlds best wine comes from France.  This is the most beautiful Vineyard that you will be able to find.  Be sure to get a tour and go wine tasting while you are there to enjoy some of the best wine produced in the entire world. 

7.      Abbaye du Mont Saint Michel

This is where nature meets architect.  This beautiful medieval building sits on top of a tidal island. Abbaye du Mont Saint Michel stands as “a symbol of the French national identity and heroic resistance to English attacks during the Hundred Years' War.”  Be sure to bring your camera for this one due to the layering of the architect. It is pretty amazing.