7 Reasons College Students store their stuff with Storganize

1)   “The closest storage space is in THAT neighborhood? No way can I go over there alone!” Hate going to creepy storage places? Storganize makes it easy by having a pick up/delivery service that does it for you!

2)   “Where did I actually think I was going to have room for 2 beanbag chairs and a ping pong table?” Storganzie accepts anything from small boxes to furniture storing all your needs when you know you have way too much stuff in that dorm room!

3)   “How am I going to fit this surfboard in a cardboard box?” Storganize is flexible with unboxed items making the process smoother.

4)   “I’m leaving the country in 24 hours and I still have things that need to be put into storage” Storganize works efficiently and picks your things up within 2 hours of arranging.

5)   “Oh no, did I actually pack that sweater with my storage bins?” Storganize allows you to check up on your items through their online inventory where you can see what you have packed.

6)   “Wait did I mix up my storage pile with my shipment abroad? Oh no!” Storganize works at your convenience and makes deliveries back to you as well as pick-ups!

7)   “I really don’t have a lot of things, I just need to get rid of this one box” Storganize has three storage plans, one of which is the item plan that allows storage for just a few individual items!