Summer Storage

5 Ways We Have You Covered For Studying Abroad This Summer

Summer Abroad is fast approaching, and we're all expecting it with open arms; yet there's only one thing clouding your happiness - Where do you store your stuff? Storganize has got you covered. 

1. First, you call us and we will provide you with FREE boxes for you to pack your beloved gems. 

That means more money for youuuuuuu.

That means more money for youuuuuuu.

2. Then on May 1 or May 2 we'll come and collect those boxes from you. 

3. For only $12/month per box, all your stuff will be chilling for 4 months in a climate controlled facility. 

4. Packing will be a less cluttered experience. 

Straight to business.

Straight to business.

5. Just trust us, we'll make your storage experienced unforgettable.

Go enjoy the world, kid.

Go enjoy the world, kid.

4 Best Uses of Your Time While Storganize Transports Your Stuff

Let's be honest, the worst part about moving your stuff into storage has to be the actual transporting of your stuff to and from the place where it will actually be stored. Not only do you have to find the time, but you also need a vehicle (and no a bike will not suffice in this case) to move your things as well as a friend who is willing to give up their precious day to get hot and sweaty just to move all of YOUR stuff.

Well, call me your best friend cause I'm about to share the news of a lifetime with you. Storganize will pick up and drop off any and all of your stuff whenever you want. You simply have to pick a two hour window of time and they'll meet you wherever, at your convenience. 

Cause for celebration? I think so. Here are the five best ways to spend your newfound free time while Storganize is moving your stuff. 

1. Order a Pizza

The man makes a valid point.

2. Take a Nap

You can sleep anywhere you choose. No judgement from us. 

3. Submit That Late Assignment of Yours





Everyone has that one assignment they forgot to submit and were then forced to email their professor some excuse to get an extension. But once you submit that bad boy, you're free-so have a dance party!

4. Enjoy the Beautiful Weather

That moment when you realize its a beautiful day out and you don't have a care in the world cause.

Storganize is doing all the work for you!

7 Reasons College Students store their stuff with Storganize

1)   “The closest storage space is in THAT neighborhood? No way can I go over there alone!” Hate going to creepy storage places? Storganize makes it easy by having a pick up/delivery service that does it for you!

2)   “Where did I actually think I was going to have room for 2 beanbag chairs and a ping pong table?” Storganzie accepts anything from small boxes to furniture storing all your needs when you know you have way too much stuff in that dorm room!

3)   “How am I going to fit this surfboard in a cardboard box?” Storganize is flexible with unboxed items making the process smoother.

4)   “I’m leaving the country in 24 hours and I still have things that need to be put into storage” Storganize works efficiently and picks your things up within 2 hours of arranging.

5)   “Oh no, did I actually pack that sweater with my storage bins?” Storganize allows you to check up on your items through their online inventory where you can see what you have packed.

6)   “Wait did I mix up my storage pile with my shipment abroad? Oh no!” Storganize works at your convenience and makes deliveries back to you as well as pick-ups!

7)   “I really don’t have a lot of things, I just need to get rid of this one box” Storganize has three storage plans, one of which is the item plan that allows storage for just a few individual items!