spring 2016

7 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Think Of Storage During Spring Break

Spring Break is coming and so is the warmth of it, are you cool enough?

1. Once Spring Break its over, the weather starts to change... Meaning you can go outside:


Dance parties encouraged while we get you storganized. 

2. I mean, why would you worry about closet space when Storganizers come in and do this for you:


Ah-mazing, amIrite?

3.  And then you can go to the beach and do things like this:


"It's so exhausting to let you move my stuff." 

4. If you mistakenly storage some spring clothes you can give us a call and we'll bring it back to you: 


How's that for efficiency.

5. Let us combat clutters and bulks for you:

Let us be the storganizing Kim to your Paris.

6. OH, and in case you want to reminisce of your winter day outfits, our online inventory lets you see what you have stored:


"Missing you, sweet leather boots."

7. Aaand, if you decide to get Storganized, you can let us move your stuff into your storage space during the summer!


So you could worry about Spring/Summer now, and get hit by water balloons later.