7 things you must take with you when going abroad

Packing is not easy, we know, especially if you’re packing for a whole semester abroad. Knowing that, we have prepared a quick guide to make sure that you’ve packed the 7 essentials items when going abroad.

Chances are that if packing gives you anxiety, you haven’t given much thought on what to do with the things that you won’t be taking with you. We, at Storganize, provide stress-free storage for students, so that you can focus on getting ready for you new adventure, and not have to worry about storing your things. We will bring you free boxes, come pick them up when you’re ready and store them. Each box will cost you only $7/month, and we will bring them back to you when you want. Have a big item that won’t fit in a box? No worries. For only $15/month per item, we will store that as well. But before you store your boxes with us, make sure you take these with you:

1. A gift to your host family. Bring something different that you believe represents your own home, and that your host family wouldn’t be able to get. Your hosts will definitely appreciate it.

2. Space bags. Have you ever seen those infomercials where jackets turn paper thin? Well, that’s the one infomercial you can trust. No, but really. Pack the heaviest things such as jackets and sweatshirts into one of those and voila, you just gave yourself a LOT of extra space. These can be found everywhere from CVS to Target.

3. Portable luggage scales. Charges for excessive baggage can be very pricey. I always take a portable scale (which is smaller than my phone) so that I can weigh my bag before heading to the airport. These are very cheap (from $7-$12), and don’t take any space at all. These can save you a lot of stress (and money!) at the airport. Just take one in your carry on.

4. An extra set of clothes (in your carry-on). Sometimes, especially in international flights with layovers, airline companies misplace luggage. Make sure you have an extra set of clothes handy in case you need it.  

5. Water bottle. Buying water constantly can quickly blow your budget. Get one with a filter so that you can refill it anywhere, anytime.

6. Walking/Comfortable shoes. Obvious, right? Well, I can’t emphasize how much I wish I had sneakers when I first walked around Europe’s cobblestone streets.

7. Travel plug adapter. Countries overseas have different outlets, so chances are that you won’t be able to plug in your electronics anywhere without an adapter. Take one with you before you even leave the country. You’ll need it. 

Most important of all, bring a positive attitude. Studying abroad can be an awesome experience, try to enjoy every last bit of it. Save travels!