What People are Saying

Spencer T. (Student, George Washington University) 

Storganize was basically a flawless experience. I was super apprehensive about the move-out/move-in situation this year but the guys could not have made it easier. You're only charged for what you use, the pricing is totally acceptable, and the staff insists on doing all the heavy lifting and moving. All of it.

Whenever I had an issue, email responses were lightening fast, light-hearted and finger-snap helpful. I never had a panic moment and whenever I needed to manage my plan or make a change, the response was always an endlessly capable and stress-free "you got it". My storage delivery was a 2 hour window, and not only did they give an accurate narrow-down estimate of when they'd be there, but pulled up ten minutes before the window even started. 


5/5, 10/10, gold star, whatever. Definitely will do again.

Damla E. (Student, American University) 

Philip and his friend were very friendly, had amazing manners and listened to what my wantings and needs were. They were extremely professional and the communication was easy. I did not wait a minute more than when we originally planned to meet. They were extremely fast and careful with the furniture they moved. The apartment did not have an elevator and was on the 3rd floor, but it wasn't an issue for these guys. You could tell that they really cared about the service they provide. They made the moving process for me very easy. I could not be any happier with the service I got. I highly recommend Storganize to anyone who is looking for moving in/out pickup/delivery service and/or storage. Amazing service.

Judy H. (Parent, American University)

Storganize made move-in day a breeze. The company is very organized and their customer service is amazing. I mailed 90% of my daughter’s belongings and avoided the stress of packing, unpacking the car. The gentleman were waiting at the dorm for us. Amazing!!! I'll be using them for the next 3 years.

Leah W. (Washington, DC)

I had a fantastic experience with Storganize. First, it was great value: all my stuff was picked up, catalogued, stored and brought back to me for significantly less money than I had been paying in a traditional storage unit, with no extra charge for hauling my multiple boxes down, and then up, three flights of stairs. Second, it was super easy and convenient: they offered bins for organizing; I could have items delivered when needed; and the website was easy to use. Last -- but definitely not least -- was the excellent service: Storganize was responsive, always on time, personable and efficient. I can't recommend them highly enough.

Molly K. (Arlington, VA)

Storganize absolutely saved myself and my roommate when we were stuck with a two week break between apartment leases. We needed help moving our things - twice - and we needed a place to put everything the two weeks we would be out of a place to live. Thankfully Storganize not only worked with us to figure out how much space we would need for storage, but moved things out of our old apartment and into the new one two weeks later extremely quickly and efficiently! I hate moving, and this was by far the best moving experience I have ever had!