Move-In Service

Don't spend your time waiting in lines to move into your dorm. For just $35, Storganize's Moving Team will collect your stuff ahead of time  and then meet you at your dorm at check-in time. Once you're all checked in, we'll help you move everything into your room. Stress less this fall with Storganize. You have enough of that ahead of you!

Flying in from out of town? Ship us your stuff ahead of time, we'll store it and move it in to your dorm for you on your move-in day!


Storage Service

Running out of space in your dorm, studying abroad or going home for break? Let Storganize be your closet: We pick up, store and deliver your items at your request. We'll photograph all your items you store with us so you can order just one thing back or everything! Starting at just $7 per month for 1 box or bin.


Move-in Service

Step 1:
Sign up by August 1, 2015 to:

A. Ship us your stuff


Ship your stuff to us by August 15th.

We charge $0.45/box/day to store your stuff until move-in day. If you wish to continue to store your stuff (i.e. winter clothes) throughout the semester, we charge $7/box/month after September 1.

B. Schedule a pick up


Schedule a time for us to meet up once you
arrive in DC to pick up your stuff.

The pick up must occur at least a day before move-in and at most a week before move-in. 



Step 2:
Meet up & Check in


1. Meet up with us at your dorm at the appropriate check-in time. We will be there with your stuff, ready to move it in after check-in.

2. Follow AU's 5 check-in procedures.



Step 3:
Sit back and Relax

Let us move your stuff in so that you can spend more time with family and friends.



Running out of space? Going home for break? Studying Abroad? We are your stress-free solution.


How it Works

1. We pick up your items from your house, apartment or dorm
(we also deliver free storage bins upon request!)

2. We take your belongings to our secure storage facility

3. You select the items you want back from your online inventory of items in storage

4. We deliver your stuff right to your door, apartment or dorm room!



Storage Pricing

Select the plan that makes the most sense for the amount of stuff you want to store

Think you'll need more space? Just Contact Us and we'll find you the right storage solution for your needs.